MetroCard eFIX

Overcharged at subway, PATH or AirTrain turnstile, bus farebox or Roosevelt Island Tram

(For overcharge at MVM, click here)

Use this form if you believe you were charged more than one fare on NYC Transit Subways or Buses, LI Bus, Westchester Bee Line, or at a PATH or AirTrain turnstile or Roosevelt Island Tram.

Please ensure that you have the following information:

  • MetroCard serial number (10 digit number found below the word EXPIRES on the back of your MetroCard)

  • Date and time of incident

  • Bus route or station name

  • Amount of debit deducted at the time of incident

* Please fill out the form completely. Items marked with an asterisk are required -
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City * State * Zip Code
Day Phone Evening Phone
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Transportation Mode *  
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Date*     Time *
Extra Amount Charged *     10 Digit Serial # *    

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