MetroCard eFIX

Other MetroCard Vending Machine issues

The following types of claims CANNOT be filed on line:

  1. Full-fare add value problem (Cash) - Machine did not refill your full-fare MetroCard even though you inserted the proper amount of cash.

  2. Full-fare add value problem (Credit/Debit) - You used a credit/debit card to refill your full-fare MetroCard and the transaction failed.

  3. MVM balance transfer - Machine did not perform a balance transfer.

  4. Wrong card purchased - The type or value of the MetroCard that was dispensed is different than what you intended to buy.

  5. Wrong amount added - The amounf or type of fares added to the MetroCard is different than what you intended to add.

  6. Blank card - The machine dispensed a card with no value.

In order to investigate the claims listed above, you must mail in the MetroCard involved, along with the receipt (if you have one). Click here to print out a claim form, or ask for a postage-paid MetroCard Business Reply Mailer from any station service booth.

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