MetroCard eFIX

MetroCard Not Returned from Bus Farebox/AutoGate

Use this form if your MetroCard was not returned by NYC Transit Subway AutoGate or by a NYC Transit Bus, Westchester Bee Line or Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) Bus farebox.

Please ensure you that have the following information:

For AutoGate Claims

For Bus Farebox Claims

  • Subway Route

  • Subway Station

  • Date and Time of Incident

  • Type of MetroCard (Pay-Per-Ride or Unlimited Ride)

  • Bus Route

  • Bus Farebox Number

  • Date and Time of Incident

  • Type of MetroCard (Pay-Per-Ride or Unlimited Ride)

Note: This form cannot be used for MetroCards not returned from a PATH or AirTrain turnstile. Please call 1-877-airtrain for AirTrain related issues or 1-800-234-PATH (7284) for PATH.

NOTE: If you are an EasyPay participant and your MetroCard is automatically refilled by New York City Transit using your debit or credit card via this Program, please call 1-877-323-7433 to report your lost card.

NOTE: If you have a New York City Transit Reduced Fare MetroCard with your photo on it, DO NOT fill out this form. Click here to be redirected to the Lost Or Stolen Reduced Fare form.

* Please fill out the form completely. Items marked with an asterisk are required -
First Name * Middle Name Last Name *
Address * Address 2 Address 3
City * State * Zip Code
Day Phone Evening Phone
Email Country
Type of Card*

If you are part of the Easy Pay program, please call 1-877-323-7433 to report your lost claim. click cancel to continue or ok to return to the main menu.

Serial Number
(if available)
Captured By*
Fare Box Number
Last Purchase
Method Of Payment*
Amount of Claim*
Please select applicable time and/or value.

Time Period On Card

Current Active Time No. of Days Remaining
Unactivated Time

Value Remaining On Card

Value Remaining
Point Of Entry
Incident Date Time

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