MetroCard eFIX

MetroCard Not Returned from Bus Farebox / AutoGate

Use this form if your MetroCard was not returned by a NYC Transit Bus, Westchester Bee Line or Long Island Bus farebox.

Please ensure you that have the following information:

  • Bus route

  • Bus farebox number

  • Date and time of incident

  • Type of MetroCard (Pay-Per-Ride or Unlimited Ride)

This form can be used to file a claim for a MetroCard Captured by New York City Transit Subway Autogate box except for New York City Transit Reduced Fare customers. Please use Lost/Stolen Form for Reduced Fare customers. Filing a claim for Autogate captured, please have the following information.

  • Subway Line

  • Name of Subway Station

  • Date and time of Incident

  • Type of MetroCard (Pay-Per-Ride or Unlimited Ride)

Note: This form cannot be used for MetroCards not returned from a PATH or AirTrain turnstile. Please call 1-877-airtrain for AirTrain related issues or 1-800-234-PATH (7284) for PATH.

NOTE: If you are an EasyPay participant and your MetroCard is automatically refilled by New York City Transit using your debit or credit card via this Program, please call 1-877-323-7433 to report your lost card.

NOTE: If you are a New York City Transit Authority Reduced Fare participant DO NOT fill out this form. Click here to be redirected to the Lost Or Stolen Reduced Fare form.

* Please fill out the form completely. Items marked with an asterisk are required -
First Name * Middle Name Last Name *
Address * Address 2 Address 3
City * State * Zip Code
Day Phone Evening Phone
Email Country
Type of Card*
Serial Number
(if available)
Captured By*
Fare Box Number
Last Purchase
Method Of Payment*
Amount of Claim*
Please select applicable time and/or value.

Time Period On Card

Current Active Time No. of Days Remaining
Unactivated Time

Value Remaining On Card

Value Remaining
Point Of Entry
Incident Date Time

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