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Internship Categories

Thank you for your interest in MTA NYC Transit's Internship - Mentorship Program. The available project descriptions for this semester are listed according to career discipline and may be reviewed by clicking on the appropriate disciplines/category.
This is a "read-only" function. Please refer to the "How to Apply" section if you are interested in submitting your resume.

Select one of the following categories...
Cyber Security: Cybersecurity, Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity
Project Management: Project Management
Paralegal Studies:
Computer Science: GIS Systems, Database Management, Network Security, Programming, System Administration, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Graphics & Web Design, User Experience/User Interface Design and Development, Information Systems, Information Technology
Science: Community Health Education, Sustainable Environmental Systems
Miscellaneous: Political Science, Government & Politics, Security Management, Forensic Science, Health Communication, Biology, Museum Studies, Criminology, Homeland Security, Emergency management, Other, Aviation Management, Healthcare Administration, Education, Library Science, Public Affairs, Mathematics
Business Administration: Business Analytics, Advertising, Finance, Financial Risk Management, Public Administration, Accounting, Business Management, Statistics, Management, Marketing, Public Policy, Economics, Business Administration
Liberal Arts: Comparative Literature, Liberal Arts, English, Creative Writing
Management of Technology: Technological System Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Management of Technology
nursing: Nursing
Human Resources/Social/Health Sciences: Instructional Design, Gender Studies, Social Science, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources, Public Health, Political Science, Biomed Engineering, Organizational Development, Sociology, General Psychology, Occupational Health, Environmental Health Science, Psychology, Training
Human Resources Management:
Data Science: Data Science
American Art / History: Studio Arts, History, Library Science, Historic Preservation
Construction Engineering Technology:
Law / Labor Relations: Criminal Justice, Law, Paralegal & Legal Studies, Labor Relations
Architecture & Engineering: Mechatronics Technology, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Design, Construction Management, Computer Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering
Communications: Photography, Communication, Broadcast Journalism, Journalism, Film, TV, Video Productions
Transportation: Transportation, Supply Logistics, Urban Studies, Urban Planning, Geography, City and Regional Planning
Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Studies
Astronomy: Astronomy
Digital Animation and Visual Effects: Digital Animation and Visual Effects