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Internship Categories

Thank you for your interest in MTA NYC Transit's Internship - Mentorship Program. The available project descriptions for this semester are listed according to career discipline and may be reviewed by clicking on the appropriate disciplines/category.
This is a "read-only" function. Please refer to the "How to Apply" section if you are interested in submitting your resume.

Select one of the following categories...
Cyber Security: Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity
Paralegal Studies:
Computer Science: GIS Systems, Database Management, Network Security, Programming, System Administration, Computer Science, Graphics & Web Design, Information Systems, Information Technology
Science: Community Health Education
Miscellaneous: Forensic Science, Biology, Museum Studies, Criminology, Other, Aviation Management, Education, Library Science, Mathematics
Business Administration: Advertising, Finance, Public Administration, Accounting, Business Management, Statistics, Management, Marketing, Public Policy, Economics, Business Administration
Liberal Arts: Comparative Literature, Liberal Arts, English
Management of Technology: Management of Technology
Human Resources/Social/Health Sciences: Instructional Design, Social Science, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources, Public Health, Political Science, Biomed Engineering, Organizational Development, Sociology, General Psychology, Occupational Health, Environmental Health Science, Training
Human Resources Management:
Data Science: Data Science
American Art / History: History, Library Science, Historic Preservation
Construction Engineering Technology:
Law / Labor Relations: Criminal Justice, Law, Paralegal & Legal Studies, Labor Relations
Architecture & Engineering: Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Design, Construction Management, Civil Engineering
Communications: Photography, Communication, Broadcast Journalism, Journalism, Film, TV, Video Productions
Transportation: Transportation, Supply Logistics, Urban Planning, Geography